St. Keyne Village Hall Hire Terms and Conditions

Responsibility of the Hirer

Must be present through the period the hall is hired.
Obtain/check they have the correct licences in place. E.g. Performing Rights Licence. Public Liability Insurance.
Leave the premises clean and tidy when the hire has ended.
Remove all rubbish, waste and food waste. This must be taken home away from the hall.
Any damage must be reported immediately.
Any costs that are incurred from additional cleaning, repairing of damage caused or loss of income are the responsibility of the hirer.
All doorways must be kept clear.
Please bring your own tea towels for drying up.

Guide for Hirers

Kitchen use: If the kitchen is being used please supply your own tea towels.
Children: Must be accompanied by their parent or a responsible adult at all times.
Music: Windows and doors must be kept closed.
Baby Buggies: Do not block the corridors or exits. Please place your buggies in the hall or the club.
Ball Games: Are not permitted in the hall.
Bouncy castles: If you wish to hire or use a bouncy castle you must contact the Village Hall for permission and provide evidence of Public Liability Insurance and other conditions.

Not Permitted

The following are not permitted in the hall or club.
Political Meetings.
Any form of naked flames or indoor fireworks.
And form of nudity.
Any weapons of any kind.
Drugs of any kind.


Confirmation of the Hall booking will not be given until full payment is made to the Village Hall.
If payment is not made within 48 hours of your booking the Village Hall has the right to cancel your hire of the hall.
Payment to be made to The Village Hall Bank account via bank transfer. Details will be provided on your invoice issued when the booking is requested.

Bar Requirement

If you require the bar then the following applies to ensure licensing regulations for the serving of alcohol are met.
If the hirer is a member of the Club then they must supply a complete list of all guests invited and attending the event to be held in the hall.
This must be provided in advance and no less than 7 days prior to the commencing of the hire.
If the hirer is not a member of the Club they may become a member of the Club in the normal way. It is free to join.
Once a member, then the above process applies.
If the hirer is not a member and has no intentions to join the club they must obtain, at their own expense, a Temporary Event Notice (TEN) from the Licensing Authority (Cornwall Council). There is a minimum of 10 working days required to obtain a TEN.
If you require any drinks that are not normally stocked in the bar please let us know so we can discuss your requirement for your event.