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We have some good news at last! Subject to the latest news of the government lockdown rules beginning to relax this weekend, on Sunday 5th July we are re-opening the Village Club for some friendly banter, a few scoops, or a coffee. Of course there will have to be some social adjustments to how we operate under the new rules in order for our staff and the members to stay safe.

Here is a brief summary and there will be ample notices on the doors and within the building to help advise on how to keep each other safe during this fragile time…..
For instance there will be a limit to 8 adults only in the bar area at any one time who will have to be seated adhering to the 1meter+ rule, a one way system for the WCs, several hand sanitiser stations plus the bar will be well ventilated.

Outside we will also have a maximum of 8 at the tables, although there will be more allowed to stand away from the tables and obviously mindful of the 1metre+ rule. We also welcome that you bring your children however you will be required to monitor them and to maintain their social distancing out side of the building.An additional piece of info from our Chairman Peter Higgs “If the bar has an influx of thirsty visitors the hall can be opened up so that everyone can enjoy, especially if the weather is poor”.

A lot of time and effort has been put into the cleaning of the venue during the lockdown and this Saturday we shall have a team of volunteers working during the day busying to get the venue ready for your enjoyment this Sunday.
We all need to be mindful so lets have a great day of support for the re-opening, enjoy ourselves peacefully and have a wonderful afternoon.

For those who may be wondering the Village Hall including any food events for the time being will remain closed until we have a better understanding of the new rules where we can operate safely. Hopefully this should be in a few weeks time.

Please respect the social distancing advice, stay safe and well during this difficult time. Look out for notices on behalf of the Parish Council for help for those that need it and new Village initiatives that could be introduced.

Finally “from the trustees” we thank all the volunteers, families, friends and individuals for your support this weekend plus the future in our beautiful village of St.Keyne.

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